Koekoe Pots

“I strive to create pieces true to my nature, getting inspiration from Nature’s wonderful colours, a beautiful piece of fabric or even a majestic Beethoven Symphony. With clay I create “canvasses” to paint on, always adhering to my first love –fine art-and my absolute passion for colour.” Sanet Koekemoer – Artist


In 2000 Sanet Hofmeyr married André Koekemoer, and together they opened Amakoekoe Guest Lodge in August 2002. Sanet jumped at the opportunity to decorate all the rooms, each room with it’s own character and theme, all including original paintings and works of art by the artist.

Amakoekoe Guest Lodge and Conference Venue thus serves a dual purpose- quality accommodation and conferencing , and a living art gallery exhibiting vibrant paintings and ceramics created by Sanet


Koekoe Pots “hatched” in the summer of 2007-the name also derived from their surname- Koekemoer!

Koekoe Pots offers the following:

  • All items are handmade and hand painted by the artist herself
  • Any item can be custom made to suit your colour scheme
  • Small gallery “Amashoppie” at Amakoekoe Guest Lodge in Honeydew, Johannesburg
  • Various shops across the country selling Koekoe Pots, for a shop in your province, contact Sanet

Contact Details:

Sanet Koekemoer
Cell: +27 (0)82 229 5742