About Amakoekoe Guest Lodge

Owners André and Sanet Koekemoer officially opened the guest lodge in August 2002, naming it Amakoekoe as an amusing play on their surname ‘Koekemoer” interpreted as “ama” meaning “the” and koekoe as an abbreviation of Koekemoer.


Owners: André and Sanet
Amamkoekoe Owners
Manager: Wynand Bierman
Wynand Bierman
Duty Manager: Richard Mulaudzi
Richard Mulaudzi
Duty Manager: Trevor Matsila
Trevor Matsila
Duty Manager: Isaac Makhubo
Isaac Makhubo
Duty Manager: Ismael Mulaudzi
Ismael Mulaudzi
Housekeeping: Doreen Mavimba
Doreen Mavimba
Housekeeping: Nicolas Nyagwaya
Nicolas Nyagwaya
Housekeeping: Martha Bantsijang
Martha Bantsijang
Housekeeping: Esna Mulaudzi
Esna Mulaudzi
Housekeeping: Idah Tengo
Idah Tengo
Cook: Matebogo Nyamate
Matebogo Nyamate
Garden Maintenance:
Thomas Malatji
Thomas Malatji
Garden Maintenance:
Daniel Mothiba
Daniel Mothiba
Garden Maintenance:
Willem Moses
Willem Moses